📈Akita-X Tokenomics

Tokens supply

Total Supply : 10 B tokens

Circulating Supply : 7,5 B tokens

Tokens reserved for CEXs : 1 B tokens

Tokens reserved for Development : 1 B tokens

Tokens reserved for Staking : 500 M tokens


Akita-X will have a total of 7% buy and sell tax that are composed as follow:

  • Marketing and Buybacks: 4% off all Akita-X traded are going to the marketing wallet. The more volume we have, the more marketing funds we have to fund campaigns and spread awareness about X-Floki.

  • Busd Rewards: The 2% is designed to reward investors and encourage new investors to purchase the Akita-X, as well as for owners who have already purchased Akita-X to hold and become a 'Diamond Hand'.

  • Auto LP: The remaining 1% tax portion will constantly feed the LP and help us grow in times of volume and excess volume. However, it will protect investors from volatility.

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